Presentations to finalists in Spain and the UK

The second Marina Industry (previously Marina Euro-Report) series of Awards for the supply side of the marina industry encompassed five distinct categories each with two complementary products. Entries in 2018 were chosen for their innovation, practicality and usefulness to marina operators. Attention was also paid to products that are environmentally-friendly or can be recycled.

One entry in each category was awarded with a Trophy for First Prize and there was also a framed Citation for the runner-up. Recipients were chosen from either or both of the two products in each category and the finalists in the five categories were presented with their Awards at the 35th Palma International Boat Show in Mallorca and during the 21st Seawork in Southampton.

The winners in 2018 are as follows:

Pontoons/Decking Trophy: EuroDesign (Recycled teak decking) Citation: Inland and Coastal Marina Systems Ltd (Breakwater Unit System)

Fenders/Dock Fixtures Trophy: Jetfloat International (Dock ladder for modular pontoons) Citation: Bluefin LED (Pirana dock lights)

Pedestals/Pump-Out Systems Trophy: Rolec Services Ltd (FIN service pedestal) Citation: Sistemas Integrados de Servicios de Telecontrol SL (Triton CIES pedestal)

Boat Moving/Dry Storage Trophy: Naval Tecno Sud Srl (Modular dry stack storage racks) Citation: FGM. Technology Srl (MBT 70 hydraulic trailer)

Boatyard Equipment/Workboats Trophy: EcoTank (Barges for waste removal in marinas) Citation: Yacht Garage (WT001 water treatment plant)